The Details


Sunday, December 17th 2022 by 5pm is the last day to make changes to your holiday order, after this time all sales are final. Because we must schedule and prep food per order we are unable to refund or credit any order past December 17th 2023. 


We are working hard to ensure the pick up process is efficient, timely and safe for all of our guests. Please help us make that happen by following the below pick up instructions. **Arriving outside of your selected and confirmed pick up time creates traffic and slows service for all of our valued guests.** Thank you for helping us make pick up day a success!

1. ARRIVE AT YOUR CONFIRMED PICK UP WINDOW. Your pick up window is 30 minutes beginning at the pick up time you selected. (example: if you selected pick up time is 2pm your pick up window is 2 - 2:30 pm) We will be working hard to make your drive-thru experience as convenient, efficient and safe, arriving at your pick up time ensures that. As we are finishing food and packaging to order we are unable to accommodate early arrivals, arriving outside your designated pick up window may result in us asking you to come back at the agreed upon time on your email. (as we are in production on pick up day we are unable to accommodate time changes, thank you so much for your understanding.)

2. BRING YOUR ORDER NUMBER, PICK UP TIME AND NAME ORDER WAS PLACED WITH. Your confirmation email will include this information. 

3. DRIVING TO DERU PLEASE APPROACH ON 9TH AVE HEADING WEST. To ensure a safe and speedy pick up we will not be able to accommodate vehicles heading east approaching DERU. If you approach us heading east we will kindly have you head down to the end of the street, turn around and turn in west-bound. See map below. Thank you for making this a safe and efficient process for everyone!

4. DRIVE THROUGH OUR HOLIDAY PICK UP LANE, PLEASE STAY IN YOUR VEHICLE. Our team is ready to host you and will bring your order to your vehicle and review with you. (please do not park, we will only be receiving guests through the pick up lane). We are working hard to ensure fair and timely pick up for all of our valued guests while keeping our guests and hard working team safe. Thank you!


If you have questions or concerns about your order we are here for you! Please contact us at We will respond to your email by midnight on December 23rd. We are all hands on deck during pick up day and will not be available via phone


Many of our team have families and they rely on their work and benefits our company provides. Every order matters to us and is quite literally what enables us to keep going. We humbly appreciate you choosing us for your holiday meal! We love cooking for you!